12 Jun 2020

39 Fresh Graduates on board!

Jepara, 29th May 2020 – PT. Bhumi Jepara Service (hereinafter the “Company”) as the operation and maintenance company of Tanjung Jati B Unit 5 & 6 Project, has welcomed 39 fresh graduates as new members of the Company on 18th March 2020. All of them have technical background and have been assigned to the departments related to operation and maintenance.

In addition to basic orientation programs, such as introduction on the Company and internal rules, safety induction and IT guidance, the Company has provided 1-month technical training program to the fresh graduates. This program has been designed particularly for fresh graduates by training team, and lectured by leaders or supervisors in each technical team. Through this training program, new employees have learnt the basic technology and mechanism of coal fired power plant as well as each of equipment and system.

During the programs, the Company has always paid due attention to measures against COVID-19, including social distancing, wearing mask, washing hands and disinfection, all of which have been implemented in overall the Company as a basic protocol.  

The Company has been providing another unique program designed for fresh graduates, namely NEMPRO (New Employee Mentoring Program). During 1-year period, senior staff in the same team is assigned as “mentor” of each fresh graduate, and attentively teaches how to work from scratch based on 1-year training plan individually developed for each fresh graduate. The progress of training is periodically shared among other mentors, human resources team and management of the Company, to monitor and enhance the effectiveness of the program.

One of fresh graduate employees assigned as Plant Operator, Mr. Rifqi Hikmawan comments on the set of training programs “This is such an excellent and helpful training for us. We can learn and deepen our understanding of the processes in power plant field in terms of both technical and non-technical. I expect that through this training programs we will strengthen our readiness to contribute in operation and maintenance of unit 5 & 6”.

As of the end of May 2020, the number of employees in the company has reached to 210. We intensively continue the recruitment activity including fresh graduates up to full mobilization of approximately 300 employees as well as the training activity to enhance competency of each employee toward the commencement of commercial operation scheduled in 2021.