14 Oct 2019

Solid Team Established!

Magelang, 25th Aug 2019 - PT. Bhumi Jati Power (hereinafter “BJP”) as the project company of Tanjung Jati B Unit 5 & 6 Project (hereinafter the “Project”) and PT. Bhumi Jepara Service (hereinafter “BJS”) as the operation and maintenance company in the Project, jointly held the Team Building Event in Magelang from 23rd to 25th Aug. The Team Building Event aims to unite employees and enhance a sense of togetherness through various activities during the event.  Almost all employees of BJP and BJS working both at Jakarta office and Jepara office got together there, thus total participants reached 83 in the event.

The event began with outdoor activities. The participants were divided into several groups, then enjoyed rafting and mini games competition, in which employees helped each other in each group with lots of fun. In the evening session, all employees also enjoyed team performances thoroughly prepared by each department, such as song, dance, comedy and magic show. On the final day, all employees visited Candi Borobudur in the very early morning to see beautiful and awe-inspiring sunrise together. The event also provided an opportunity to learn how to improve communication through a lecture provided by a professional trainer that marked the end of the event.

President Director of BJP, Mr. Shinji Yokota commented that it was great to see all employees having fun and building up good communication and teamwork mind through the event. 

We have made our team more solid than ever before and created a sense of togetherness among employees. Also we have learnt and experienced the importance of teamwork, and we believe that our team solidarity leads to the success of the Project.